The Black Economic Alliance in partnership with the Black Economic Alliance Foundation
Panel Discussion on the Future of Work in Black Communities

Martha's Vineyard
August 14, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

The Black Economic Alliance and the Black Economic Alliance Foundation will host an informative conversation around The Future of Work and its impact on the Black community on Wednesday, August 14th in Martha’s Vineyard at the home of Lisa and David Grain from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

This is a crucial economic policy issue for the Black community.  The purpose of this conversation is to examine the future of work and how the digital economy might increase or further inhibit prosperity and wealth in the Black community.

According to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, displacing half of the Black workers in the 30 largest occupations at high risk for automation without transitioning them into new employment opportunities would drive the Black unemployment rate from 7.5% to over 20% in the next ten years.

The panelists for this discussion include Steve Bumbaugh, Senior Vice President of College and Career Access, The College Board; Lisa Opoku, Partner and Operating Officer of Engineering, Goldman Sachs; Spencer Overton, President, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies; BEA Co-Chair Charles Phillips, CEO, Infor; Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation; Senator Mark Warner (D-VA).  BEA board member Gerald Adolph, former Senior Partner at Booz & Co, will serve as moderator of this important conversation.



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This event will benefit the Black Economic Alliance and Black Economic Alliance Foundation.
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