How to Give

The Black Economic Alliance, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, was formed to drive sustainable economic mobility and generational wealth building in the Black community with a focus on work, wages, and wealth. Please support the work of the Black Economic Alliance by contributing here:

The political arm of the Black Economic Alliance is the BEA PAC. The PAC is composed of various entities that provide opportunities to fund BEA’s political action in the following ways:

Federal Super PAC: Support BEA’s Super PAC that coordinates with campaigns and independent expenditure initiatives at the federal level to strategically reach, inform, and turn out Black voters—particularly in places where their engagement can change the outcome of one or more races.

State Super PAC: Support the BEA Fund, a 527 political action committee that performs the same function at the BEA Super PAC described above, but is focused on state candidates, campaigns, and initiatives.

Candidates: Support BEA-endorsed candidates via BEA’s federal hard money PAC that contributes to candidates’ campaigns or by contributing to candidates directly, which will be included in the aggregate amount BEA bundles for its endorsed candidates each cycle.

To contribute to the BEA Foundation 501c3 please visit this link.

Give by check

Checks should be made out to: Black Economic Alliance or Black Economic Alliance PAC

Black Economic Alliance
1032 15th Street NW, Suite 247
Washington, DC 20005

For wire transfer information, pay-to-play compliance, or general questions, please contact: AJ Jean-Louis, Operations Manager, at

Contributions to the 501c4 are not tax deductible.