Gerald Adolph

By Maria Josevillota |

Gerald is a former Booz & Company/Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Partner specializing in growth strategy and M&A. During his 35 years at Booz he led the chemicals practice, the global consumer & health practice and the global merger integration practice and served on the Booz Allen Board of Directors.

Gerald is an expert in developing growth and competitive strategies for corporations and mission-driven organizations.  He has led numerous growth/portfolio and business unit strategy projects and was one of the lead practitioners of Booz’s very successful capabilities-driven approach to strategy (with a particular focus on capabilities-driven growth). He often works with companies/entities undergoing very significant industry disruption.

Gerald is also an expert in M&A pre-deal assessments and merger integration planning assignments for complex, challenging combinations. He has been the lead for mergers ranging from $100+ billion, global companies to regional, mission-driven organizations. He provides acquisition strategy and merger business case development, as well as merger integration planning, program office leadership, culture integration and operating model design.

In the not-for-profit arena, he is Co-Chair of the Board of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and his past roles include Chair of the Executive Leadership Council Board, member of the Hellen Keller International Board and Chair of the University of Michigan Business School advisory board.

Prior to joining Booz Gerald was an engineer by Polaroid Corporation in its R&D labs and later in its chemical manufacturing division.

Gerald holds BS degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.