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BEA Co-Chair Tony Coles on MSNBC’s “Velshi” Show

By Black Economic Alliance |
BEA Co-Chair Tony Coles on Today's MSNBC's "Velshi" Show

Black Economic Alliance Co-Chair Tony Coles appeared on the new MSNBC program “Velshi” today to discuss how the 2020 presidential candidates are addressing black economic empowerment during this election cycle.  Dr. Coles spoke with host Ali Velshi about the importance of making Black economic policies on work, wages and wealth a priority for the 2020 campaign and beyond. Watch to hear the full conversation.

According to the Urban Institute, in 2016 the median family wealth of white American families was $171,000, while that of black families was $17,409.  black families have 1/10 the wealth of white families.  While these and other statistics regarding the Black economy are staggering, Black Economic Alliance has identified pragmatic solutions to help close the wealth gap in America. We invite you to review BEA’s 2020 Black Economic Policy white paper.