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Black Economic Alliance Calls for Senators to Negotiate in Good Faith and Act on Child Tax Credit Reforms After Recess

By Black Economic Alliance |
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WASHINGTON – Today, the Black Economic Alliance (BEA), a nonpartisan group of Black business leaders and aligned advocates, released the below statement from CEO Samantha Tweedy on bipartisan legislation that would extend an expansion of the Child Tax Credit: 

“The bipartisan, bicameral effort to reform and expand the Child Tax Credit, which would provide vital support to 16 million children in working families, including more than 3 million Black children, passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming support.

Now, some Senators are holding up this urgently needed expansion, which is a key priority of BEA’s agenda and critical to advancing economic security for many Black families. 

We urge them to do what is right — engage in good-faith negotiations so the full Senate can take up this critical legislation when the Senate returns from recess in April.” 


About the Black Economic Alliance

The Black Economic Alliance is a coalition of Black business leaders and aligned advocates committed to driving economic progress for the Black community through public policy, advocacy, and engagement with government and business leaders. Led by a board that includes executives from a range of industries including media, finance, pharmaceutical, nonprofit, and tech, BEA uses its collective power and business acumen to advance policies that will improve work, wages, and wealth for Black Americans. |