Press Release

Black Economic Alliance PAC and Black Economic Alliance Fund Announce $2.6 Million Campaign to Mobilize Voters Ahead of Midterm Elections

By Black Economic Alliance |

WASHINGTON, DC — The Black Economic Alliance PAC and Black Economic Alliance Fund announced today a $2.6 million campaign to mobilize Black voters in 15 key races ahead of next month’s midterm elections. The campaign seeks to increase Black voter turnout in support of candidates who are championing sustainable policies that will improve and enhance economic outcomes for the Black community in the U.S.

“For far too long, many of our nation’s elected officials have been crafting policies that contribute to the economic disenfranchisement of millions of Black people across the country,” said Gerald Adolph, board member of the Black Economic Alliance PAC. “By investing nearly $3 million in targeted gubernatorial, congressional and senate races, we can help ensure that candidates rallying for policies that lead to better employment opportunities and wages for Black Americans are victorious in November.”

“This midterm election is crucial for the economic well-being of many Black people and their families. That’s why we’ve extensively surveyed the national landscape to identify candidates who can help improve economic opportunities for the Black community,” continued Adolph. “As the election draws closer and fields shift, we will continue to invest in candidates and races that can make the ultimate difference in the lives of Black people.”

The Black Economic Alliance PAC and Black Economic Alliance Fund’s investments will support candidates in the following races: Florida Governor (Andrew Gillum); Florida U.S. Senate (Bill Nelson); FL-18 (Lauren Baer); FL-26 (Debbie Murcarsel-Powell); IL-14 (Lauren Underwood); Maryland Governor (Ben Jealous); Michigan Governor (Gretchen Whitmer); Mississippi U.S. Senate (Mike Epsy); NV-4 (Steven Horsford); NY-19 (Antonio Delgado), NC-13 (Kathy Manning); Ohio Governor (Richard Cordray); TX-7 (Lizzie Fletcher); TX-32 (Colin Allred); and VA-2 (Elaine Luria).

The investments will also help engage and mobilize Black voters through a variety of tactics, including polling, radio, and digital advertising, door-to-door canvassing, SMS texting, and direct mail.

In addition to their own direct electoral programming, the Black Economic Alliance PAC and Black Economic Alliance Fund is partnering with and supporting the ongoing voter mobilization efforts of the BlackPAC, BlackPAC-FL, The Collective, House Majority PAC, For Our Future, Power PAC Plus, and Maryland Together We Rise.