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Black Economic Alliance Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling On Affirmative Action

By Black Economic Alliance |
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WASHINGTON – Today, the Black Economic Alliance (BEA), a nonpartisan group of Black business leaders and aligned advocates, released the following statement from CEO Samantha Tweedy: 

“Today’s ruling is an affront on the values we hold dear as Americans. Specifically, the shared belief that every American deserves the opportunity to pursue economic success and prosperity for themselves and their families. Affirmative action has been an important tool to counter both the lasting impact of economic systems and markets intentionally built to hold back the Black community and the systemic barriers still put in front of Black people seeking better education, affordable housing, quality healthcare, or any other drivers of economic prosperity and equity.”

“While today’s ruling will make it more difficult to make progress on many of those issues, BEA will work collaboratively with leaders across sectors to find strategic, creative, and proactive ways to continue advancing Black work, wages, and wealth.”


About the Black Economic Alliance

The Black Economic Alliance is a coalition of Black business leaders and aligned advocates committed to driving economic progress for the Black community through public policy, advocacy, and engagement with government and business leaders. Led by a board that includes executives from a range of industries including media, finance, pharmaceutical, nonprofit, and tech, BEA uses its collective power and business acumen to advance policies that will improve work, wages, and wealth for Black Americans. |